[ODIN] member, services set-up guide (Part 1)

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[ODIN] member, services set-up guide (Part 1)

Post by doku_dakar » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:26 pm

For Odin's Call alliance members, please set-up services by following this guides, Part 1 of 2. The second Part is accessible when logged into the forum.

On the Home page of the website https://odins-call.space click the Auth link
Example: [https://i.imgur.com/0RDrcj8.png]
and Register an account using any username, a safe password and you e-mail.
You will not be able the log in using the EVE SSO at this point ( but you will later )

After registering you can see the main Auth screen.
Here you can add your API Key, to link your username with your EVE character
click the link to generate a sufficient API key from CCP's EVE Online website

Once your API is added, please verify that you own the API by logging on using Single Sign On

Once successful, you can now see and access the Auth services, including this forum. Click Services on the left of your screen

You can create accounts for each service by clicking the yellow tick button. Activate your forum account
Your forum user is created, note the username displayed. On your screen is a random password, but you can change it by clicking the yellow pencil button Set Password

You may now log into this forum using the username and password set.
Part 2 of the services set-up guide is found in the ODIN forum - User Guides

Also, since your ODIN API has been verified using EVE SSO, you may now log into the Auth using EVE SSO in future if you wish
instead of the username and password created at the start
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